298th. Army Ground Forces Band I joined the U.S. Army after graduating from High School in 1946.  I took Basic Training & Band School at Camp Lee in Petersburg, Virginia. I was shipped to Germany & was assigned to the 298th. Band in the American Sector of Berlin. We played for celebrities, high ranking officials & movie stars at Templehof Airport.  We were also sent to Antwerp, Belgium to play for the first war dead to be sent home. The 298th Band also had a Big Dance Band & they played at the Club 48 every week. Thanks to Reinhard von Bronewski, for the beautiful tribute to Americans who served in Berlin.

Sebby in front of Billet
Papa & Badgely
Friend ,Mathews ,Papa & Coleman
298th. Army Dance Band
Dr. Genia Sakin
Before nose operation by
Dr. Genia Sakin
Patch & Club 48 Covers
298th. Army Band in Parade
Olympic Stadium Concert


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